Dr Ishwarchandra

Dr. Ishwarchandra known as the best teacher all over the country. He is a dedicated & extremely disciplined person. Being a Professor of Ophthalmology in Govt. Medical College, Nagpur for 27 years, he has been responsible for shaping career of many Ophthalmologists in India and abroad either by teaching them or as an examiner for M.B.B.S., D.O., and M.S. Examination. He is truly a father figure for all the members of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society. All the members salute him and bow in front of him. Organising Committee of Silver Jubilee Annual VOS Convention under the president ship of Dr.Anand Pangarkar decided to start a special award known as “Silver Jubilee VOS Dr. Ishwarchandra Award.” Award is given every year during annual VOS convention as a token of respect to this towering personality. Following are the awardees.
Award is given every year during the annual VOS conference as a token of respect to this towering personality to an exceptional Ophthalmologist who has done outstanding work in the field of ophthalmology.

List of Awardees:

Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2002 Dr. Patnaik Past, Present & Future of Retinal Detachment
2 2003 Dr. P.Vijayalaxmi Childhood Blindness & Low Vision
3 2004 Dr. M.Srinivasan Corneal Blindness Indian Perspective
4 2005 Dr. Mahipal Sachdeo Recent Advances in Phacoemulsification
5 2006 Dr. Pradeep Sharma Nystagmus Simplified
6 2007 Dr. Shridhar Rao Medical Treatment of Glaucoma
7 2008 Dr. H.S. Dua Journey ThroughMillenniumnFrom Couching Era To Multifocals
8 2009 Dr. H.K.Tewari CSR
9 2010 Dr. D. Bhattacharya Disha Experience
10 2011 Dr. RamaMurty Refractive cataract surgery
11 2012 Dr. T.P. Lahane Advances In PhacoTechnology ForVarious Grades Of Nuclear Sclerosis
12 2013 Dr. Santosh Honavar Retinoblastoma- “They Live They See”
13 2014 Dr. B. Shanta Surgical management of complications of filtering surgeries
14 2015 Dr. Aashish Bansal Keratoconus management : step by step
15 2016 Dr. Haripriya Measuring outcomes following cataract surgery.
16 2017 Dr. Kasturi  Bhattacharjee Navigation Guided Optic Canal & Orbital Surgeries
17 2018 Dr. Partha Biswas Navigation Guided Optic Canal & Orbital Surgeries
18 2019 Dr. Rasik Vajpayee Less Is More – Journey Of Corneal  Transplantation
19 2020 Dr Soosan Jacob Treatment of advance Keratoconous
20 2021 Prof. Dr. Mohan Rajan Handling Phaco complications: : Be a master