About VOS

Masterminds behind forming of Vidarbha Opthalmic Society

Dr. Ishwarchandra
Dr. A. V. Madangopal
Dr. S. U. Joshi
Dr. Sudha Sutaria

The surplus amount of Rs. 25,000/-formed the main corpus to form Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society. The main intention of formins Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society is to disseminate knowledge of Ophthalmology in all corners of Vidarbha. Hence it was decided to have an Annual meeting once in Nagpur alternating with other districts of Vidarbha, so that, everyone gets an equal opportunity to hold the meeting. I was very fortunate to be associated with these pioneers of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society right from day one. Since all these four people were very well disciplined, they formulated the constitution of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society. Dr.S.V.Sule and Dr.P.J.Mokadam helped in great details for proper formulation of constitution of VOS.

The first Annual VOS Conference was held in 1976. Dr.Premprakash was the Guest Faculty. As the expectations and availability of sources was negligible, Dr.Premprakash like a true teacher explained everything with a chalk on the black-board. He demonstrated each and every investigative procedure for a case of squint in the Department of Ophthalmology, Govt.Medical College, Nagpur. Everyone was satisfied by demonstration of his surgical technique especially his way of suturing “Rescessed muscle”. Slowly availability of instruments, equipments, and Five-Star Culture has changed the simple VOS organization to a hi-tech scenario.

The year 1996 can be considered as a turning point for Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society in following aspects:

  • Amendments in Constitution of VOS was carried out and Supervisory Board consisting of 7 Senior Past-Presidents to guide Executive Committee of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society was formed.
  • Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society became a Registered Organisation with Charity Commissioner under Society Act.
  • First time Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society invited All India Vitreo-Retinal Society and a Grand Convention for 3 days was held.
  • Dr. A.Y Madangopal decided to hang his gloves hence 21st VOS Annual Convention was dedicated to Dr. A.V Madangopal.
  • Dr. S.V. Sule was felicitated for getting an Award of Service above Humanity from Rotary International.
  • Dr. Vikas Mahatme received a special acknowledgement for getting “Colonel Rangachari Award” for his work on “Dry-Eye” from All India Ophthalmological Society.
  • Surplus money out of 21st VOS Annual Convention was decided to be utilized for organizing an Oration on Retina and Vitreous, which would co-incide with installation of New President of VOS. So from ’96 – ’97 onwards an additional activity of VOS has begun.
  • For 5 consecutive years, Orations to Stalwarts like Dr. Babu Rajendran, Dr. Namperumalsamy, Dr. P.N. Nagpal, Dr. S.S. Badrinath, Dr. S. Natarajan were Awarded.
The year 2000 was celebrated with great enthusiasm as “Silver Jubilee Year of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society”. With the help of a committee, the surplus money available with all past organizing committees at Nagpur were pulled down to a single corpus for organizing various Orations. The Committee recommended the following: –
  • There would be 2 activities in a year.
  • Activity in March would be called as “Summer Activity”, which would coincide with one Oration and Installation of New President and his team.
  • Activity in the month of October would be called as “Winter Activity”, which will be an Annual VOS Convention.
  • Oration for
    a) Retina and Vitreous “Dr.Sudha Sutaria Oration”.
    b) Cornea & Adnexa “Dr. Madangopal Oration”
    c) Cataract & Glaucoma “Dr. S.U. Joshi Oration”
  • These Orations would be awarded in rotation every year in Summer Activity.
  • Surplus money from Silver Jubilee Conference was contributed towards “Silver Jubilee VOS Dr.lshwarchandra Award” to be given during Annual VOS Conference, depending upon the respective theme of Annual VOS Conference. In the year 2003, all members of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society had a Moment of Joy and Pride as Dr.lshwarchandra, our beloved teacher and a person who is responsible for carving my career got the Highest Award – “Lifetime Achievement Award” from All India Ophthalmological Society.

In the year 2004 it was accepted by the general Body that, since the activities of VOS have increased, to keep the track of all Orations and to improvise the standard of Academic Deliberations in VOS a new post as “Chairman Scientific Committee” with a tenure of 3 years was created. Dr. S.C. Karandikar was unanimously elected for the post. He is ably looking after Scientific Programmes. I congratulate him for his untiring efforts towards proper management of Scientific activities of VOS. Looking back, as a member of VOS who is observing VOS right from day one it appears that the Organisation is growing very fast. It has strengthened in membership, become rich in Academic activities. Newer and newer younger Ophthalmologists are joining with great enthusiasm. I feel honoured to be a part of this Prestigious Organisation. Our seniors are always willing to guide us, bless us and juniors are ever enthusiastic to run around.
I pray to the God that the VOS should go on progressing ever and I remain a humble worker forever.

Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society Organises Annual VOS Convention once in Nagpur alternating with other districts of Vidarbha. It is usually theme based and “Doyens” in various sub-specialities had been invited to have a good interaction amongst the delegates. Following chart represents the same: –

Sr.No Year President Secretary Topics Venue Faculty
1. 1976 Dr.lshwarchandra Dr.S.V.Sule Strabismus Nagpur Dr.Premprakash
2. 1977 Dr.lshwarchandra Dr.S.V.Sule Glaucoma Akola Dr.T.N.Ursekar
3. 1978 Dr.M.L.Ghate Dr.PJ.Mokadam Oculoplasty Nagpur Dr.Prasad
4. 1979 Dr.S.UJoshi Dr.PJ.Mokadam Paediatric Ophthalmology Amravati Dr.J.VAgarwal
5. 1980 Dr.Sudha Sutaria Dr.H.S.Dua Retina Nagpur Dr.S.S.Badrinath
6. 1981 Dr.O.P.Chhabra Dr.S.N.Patil Lacrimal Apparatus Amravati Dr.B.T.Maskati
7. 1982 Dr. O. L. Rathi Dr. Mrs. C.A. Dhawan Squint + 61st Birthday Celebration of Dr. Ishwarchandra Nagpur Dr. Premprakash & Many more
8. 1983 Dr.S.V.Tare Dr.J.K.Bhiwapurkar ECCEIOL Akola Dr.DaljitSingh, Dr.YM.Paranjpe
9. 1984 Dr.S.N.Patil Dr.J.K.Bhiwapurkar Glaucoma Nagpur DrMRJain
10. 1985 Dr.MMPatil Dr.P.V.Koranne Ptosis Amravati Dr.Dayal
11. 1986 Dr.S.V.Sule Dr.S.CKarandikar Glaucoma Nagpur Dr.Shridhar Rao
12. 1987 Dr. Y. H. Sardeshpande Dr. P.S. Agnihotri Myopia & RK Chandrapur Dr. Anita Panda Dr.Bhavishi
13. 1988 Dr. P.J. Mokadam Dr. A. Pangarkar Ocular Trauma Nagpur Dr.Manju Kulkarni, Dr.S.Natarajan, Dr.Raijada, Brig.Boperai
14. 1989 Dr.S.S.Saoji DrAnil Bhonde Squint Akola Dr.Premprakash
15. 1990 Dr.S.CKarandikar Dr.G.Panchmatiya IOL Nagpur DrAhmed
16. 1991 Dr.VijayAgrawal Dr.Dikkar Cornea Amravati Dr.Bharati Lavangia, Dr.B.T.Maskati
17. 1992 Dr.P.V.Koranne Dr.H.N.Chhabrani Pars Plana Surgery Nagpur Dr.Nagpal, Dr. Namperumalsar
18. 1993 Dr. RMamidwar Dr.Sudhir Pendke Paediatric Oph. Wardha Dr.Satish Sharma
19. 1994 Dr.R.KAyachit Dr.S.R.Chahande Glaucoma Nagpur Dr.N.N.Sood, DrMandal
20. 1995 Dr.S.Kothale Dr.Vikas Mahatme IOL Yavatmal Dr.SanjayGadre
21. 1996 Dr.Sulabha Deshpande DrAnant Gade Retina Nagpur 13 Faculty of All India Retina Society
22. 1997 DrAshok Keole Dr.Neelima Pawade Oculoplasty Amravati Dr.S.N.Betharia, Dr.T.Brahmbhatt
23. 1998 DrAnil Bhonde DrAjay Sood Glaucoma Nagpur Faculty from Glaucoma Society of India
24. 1999 Dr.K.D.Patil DrAnil Laddhad Squint Wardha Faculty from All India Strabismologica Society of India
25. 2000 DrA.Pangarkar Dr.Deepak Batra Mixed bag Nagpur 8 Faculty of Different Sub-Speciality
26. 2001 Dr.Ninad Ghate Dr.Bawankule Phaco Akola DrAmar Agarwal
27. 2002 Dr. P. Agnihotri Dr.Nikhil Nagpurkar Retina Nagpur Dr.Patnaik, Dr.Shroff, Dr.Vaidya, Dr.Jalali, Dr.Bhende,Dr.Sen
28. 2003 Dr.Satish Deshmukh Dr.Shubhangi Bhave Paediatric Ophthalmology Amravati Dr.Vij'ayalaxmi
29. 2004 DrAnil Laddhad Dr.D.Modak Cornea & Refractive Surgery Nagpur Dr.M.Srinivasan,DrAshish Bansal, Dr.Virender Sangwan, Dr.Sujal Shah, Dr.B.K.Naik, Dr.Sandeep Arora, DrJagruti Jadej'a, Dr.Dariel Mathur
30. 2005 Dr.D.Nilawar Dr.G.Arora With MOS Mumbai Dr. Mahipal Sachdev
31. 2006 Dr.S.Bhave DrAj'ay Kulkarni Squint, Phaco,Contact Lens Nagpur Dr.Pradeep, Sharma, Dr.KanwarMohan, Dr.Murlu Aasuri, Dr.Verman, Dr.SriGanesh
32. 2007 Dr. S.N. Malpani Dr. J. Kole Mixed Bag Akola Dr. Shridhar Rao, Dr. K.Kothari, Dr.A. Shroff, Dr.V. Agrawal, Dr. P. Shah
33. 2008 Dr.Modak Dr. A.D. Deshpande Ophthalmology India 2010 Nagpur Dr. H. Khatib, Dr. H.S. Dua, Dr.S.Meenakshi, Dr.N. Ptel, Dr. Babu Rajendra, Dr. Lalit Verma, Dr. Sudipto Pakarasi, Dr. S.P.S. Grewal, Dr.D. Sood
34. 2009 Dr. V. Adalkhiya Dr. A. Bajaj Wardha Dr. H.K. Tiwari, Dr. J. Titiyal, Dr. P. Krishna, Dr. Parul Mehta, Dr. R. Murthy
35. 2010 Dr. D. Batra Dr. R. Joshi Drishticon 2010 Nagpur Dr. D. Bhattacharya, Dr. Keiki Mehta, Dr. A. Vasawada, Dr. A. Nagpal, Dr. Kamal Kapoor, Dr. Anita Gyanchandani
36. 2011 Dr. A. Harwani Dr. A. Patil Eyecon 2011 (Mixed Bag) Amravati Dr. R Deshmukh, Dr. Rajat Maheshwari, Dr. S. Das, Dr. R. Ramamurthy, Dr. Mahipal Sachdeva, Dr. Vimala Menon, Dr. R. George, Dr. Sri Ganesh
37. 2012 Dr. U. Rewanwar Dr. V. Dashputra OCULUS 2012 Yavatmal Dr. T.P. Lahane, Dr.R. Parikh, Dr. A Kulkarni, Dr. S. Haldipurkar, Dr. Swati Gadgil,Dr. S. Gadkari,Dr. Girish Rao,Dr. J. Ladi
38. 2013 Dr. G Arora Dr. R. Khan MOSCON 2013 (Ophthalmic Innovation) Nagpur Dr.H.S. Dua, Dr. M. Sachdeva, Dr. S. Honawar, Dr. P. Bhende, Dr. Muna Bhende, Dr. R. Gandhi, Dr.Ram Murthy, Dr.Sriganesh, Dr. R Kekunayye, Dr. P. Sharma, Dr. A. Chakrawarti, Dr. R. Gandhewar, Dr. Shubhra Goel, Dr. B.S. Rao, Dr. Nivean
39. 2014 Dr Hussain Dr Vishwakarma Mixed bag Akola Dr R Chaudhari
40. 2015 Dr R.Dandekar Dr R viswakarma Ocular panacea Chandrapur Dr B Shanta, Dr K Lahiri, Dr M Killedar, Dr p Gogtey, Dr S Wagh, Dr P KRISHNA, Dr v Rathi, Dr jLadi, Dr A desai, Dr A kulkarni, Dr Mishrikotkar, Dr Aashish Bansal, Dr Milind Naik, Dr Rajesh sinha, Dr Ramesh Murthy, Dr Sanjay Gadre, Dr Alok Sen, Dr Pradnya Sen, Dr Anil Mandal