Dr Neelima Pawade

Dr. Neelima Pawade, a coveted member of our organization met an untimely death on 5th November 2006. Dr. NeelimaPawde did her MBBS & MS in Ophthalmology from GMC Nagpur. She then quenched her thirst for learning by doing her FRCS (Edinburgh) from UK in the first attempt. On coming back to India she joined Lata Mangeshkar Hospital and NKPSIMS Medical College. She was instrumental in starting the eye department there. In short time due to her talent and dedication, she developed the eye department to such heights that it was considered as a referral center for complex eye problems by colleagues. She was a gifted surgeon, an excellent academician and teacher par excellence. She is blessed with two sons are now pursuing their careers in animation and computer engineering. With generous donation from her husband Dr. Milind Pawade, a radiologist of repute, VOS has started “Late Dr. Neelima Pawade Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2008. This award is given to an eminent person in the field of ophthalmology. Following are the awardees:
Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2008 Dr. Babu Rajendran Back to Surface Ablation
2 2009 Dr. Jeevan Titiyal Lamellar Corneal Surgeries
3 2010 Dr. Keiki Mehta Frontiers in Refractive Surgeries
4 2011 Dr. Vimala Menon Approach to a Patient with Swollen Discs
5 2012 Dr. Anil Kulkarni Group Practice
6 2013 Dr. H.S. Dua Lamellar Corneal Surgery reveals a new lamella “Dua Layer”
7 2014 Dr. Rajeev  Choudhari Presbyopia correcting IOLS
8 2015 Dr.  Rajesh Sinha Component corneal surgery
9 2016 Dr. Vishali Gupta My Travelogue with intra ocular tuberculosis
10 2017 Dr . Lalit Verma Vitreo  Retinal  Inter face Disorder
11 2018 Dr. Ragini Parekh Going Rural – My Experience
12 2019 Dr. Tanuj Dada Glaucoma : Looking Beyond IOP
13 2020 Dr Samar Basak Boston Keratoprosthesis Beyond IOP
14 2021 Prof Dr Namrata Sharma “Microbial Keratitis – Beating the Bug”