Awards & Orations

In the year 1996, 21st Annual VOS Convention was held. It was in association with Vitreo-Retinal Society of India. It was largely attended  by delegates from Vidarbha and outside Vidarbha and as well. Audited account gave a pleasant surprise that the Organising Committee had enough surplus amounts. Since the corpus was from Vitreo-Retinal Convention, President Dr. Sulabha Deshpande, Secretary Dr. Anant Gade and Chairman Organizing Committee Dr.Prashant  Agnihotri, took the reins in their hand and started Vireo-Retinal Oration, to be held with installation of new President and other Office bearers of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society.

Dr. Sudha Sutaria

Dr. Sudha Sutaria, “A Lady in White” ! She has her own style and grace. Born and  brought-up  in a very affluent family at Mumbai, came to a small city like Nagpur in 1952. In the era of handful of private practitioners in Nagpur, She overshadowed not only Ophthalmologist but entire Medical faternity and was elected as the President of I.MA. Nagpur.
All Vitreo-Retinal Surgeons practicing in Nagpur owe to her as she is responsible for developing interest in posterior segment amongst P.G. Students. Way back in 1975 when even having a good Direct Ophthalmoscope was not possible, Madam would bring her own Indirect Ophthalmosope and teach visualization of retina and art of Retinal drawing.
She is responsible for bringing two Legends of retina, Dr.P.N.Nagpal and Dr.S.S. Badrinath in 1980 and members of V.O.S. had enjoyed live demonstration of cryo-coagulation of Retinal hole done by Dr. P.N. Nagpal.
In the year 1995, for the 1st time, Mid year meet Of VRSI was held in Nagpur under aegis of V.O.S. and to pay tributes to Madam ,Dr.Sudha Sutaria  Vitreo Retinal Oration  was initiated. She is a founder member of V.O.S.
In the year 2000, According to recommendations of the committee, following changes in the Vireo-Retinal Oration took place:-
1. It would be named as “Dr. Sudha Sutaria Oration”
2. Instead of an yearly event it would be awarded once in 3 year’s time.
Dr. Sudha Sutaria is Instrumental in stimulating younger ophthalmologists to opt for posterior segment fellowship and to develop posterior segment surgery in Nagpur. Hence it was decided to name the oration after her. This Oration is awarded to following awardees:-
Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 1997 Dr. Babu Rajendran Lasers in Ophthalmology
2 1998 Dr. Namperumalsamy Eale’s Disease
3 1999 Dr. P. N. Nagpal Posterior Segment Complications of Anterior Segment Surgery
4 2000 Dr. S. Natarajan Age Related Macular Degeneration
5 2001 Dr. S. S. Badrinath Research in Diabetic Retinopathy
6 2004 Dr. Lingam Gopal Current Management of Retinoblastoma
7 2007 Dr. T. P. Dasl Diabetic Retinopathy
8 2010 Dr. C. Shroff Vitreous in health and Diseases
9 2013 Dr. Tarun Sharma Diabetic Macular Oedema
10 2016 Dr. Kim Ramasamy Diabetic Retinopathy care in India
11 2019 Dr. Mahesh Shanmugam Paediatric Retinal  Surgery
12 2022 Dr Rajiv Raman How will AI help us manage Diabetic retinopathy ; Implementing AI in real time

Dr. A.V. Madangopal

It is very difficult to describe the personality of Dr. A. V. Madangopal. People who have seen him and worked with him are really fortunate. He had a tremendous working capacity, deep knowledge of Ophthalmology and was very keen to learn new things and picked them up in his practice of Ophthalmology. Due to his extraordinary qualities even though he was never a teacher in Medical College, practiced in a small town like Amravati, he was recognized at all India level and became the 1st President from Vidarbha, of All India Ophthalmological Society. He received “Srinivasan Gold medal” from AIOS. Thus he was responsible for bringing Vidarbha on National Map. He was a multi-faceted personality, a good classical singer, active worker of Lions Club. He did enormous volume of surgery especially for cataract and extensive work for patients from leprosy whose corneas were damaged. This stimulated him to set up an Eye Bank at Amravati. Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society pays tribute to Dr. A. V. Madangopal by awarding an Oration in his name to Ophthalmic Surgeons who have excelled in their work in Cornea and Adnexa. This Oration is awarded to following awardees:-
Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2000 Dr. H.S. Dua Stem cells of Ocular surface-Science & Surgery
2 2002 Dr. G.N. Rao Corneal Blindness & Corneal Transplantation
3 2005 Dr. A.K. Grover Ptosis
4 2008 Dr. V. Sangwan Limbal Stem Cell Science & Application
5 2011 Dr. S. K. Rao Lamellar Corneal Surgeries
6 2014 Dr. Q. Maskati PintucchiKeratoprosthesis result of 15 years – Study of 85 patients
7 2017 Dr. Tuhin Chowdhury Amniotic Membrane Transplantation – Mother’s Own Remedy For Ocular Surface Reconstruction
8 2020 Dr N Venkatesh Prajna My Work in Fungal Keratitis


Born on 1st March, 1922 in a village from Rajasthan, he had a higher training in Diploma in Ophthalmology at Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in London in 1954. He started his private in Nagpur in 1955. He served the Indian Army as 2nd Lieutenant and Captain from 1945 to 1949 and was presented with U. S. Carbine by the battalion for his meritorious services on Kashmir in 1947. He was Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon in Mayo Hospital, Nagpur from 1969 to 1980 and an examiner in Ophthalmology for M.B.B.S. of Nagpur University. He organized and assisted a number of free eye camps since 1959 in various parts of Vidarbha region and in tribal and backward areas of Rajasthan. Dr. S. U. Joshi was a unique combination of charity, military discipline and academics. Since he has done a tremendous work in Community Ophthalmology, Dr. Anil Bhonde, Chairman Organizing Committee of 19th and 23rd Annual VOS Convention, started Oration in the memory of Dr. S.U. Joshi. This Oration is awarded to following awardees:-

VOS Dr. S U Joshi Oration Award

List of Previous Awardees

Sr. No Year Awardees Topic
1 1999 Dr. Jeewan Titiyal Therapeutic Contact Lens
2 2001 Dr. M S Ravindran Ocular Trauma
3 2003 Dr. N.N.Sood Paediatric Glaucoma
4 2006 Dr. Ramanjeet Sihota Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
5 2009 Dr. Minoo Mathen Cataract in Difficult situations
6 2012 Dr. G. Chandrashekhar Pearls & Perspectives in Glaucoma Management
7 2015 Dr. Arup Chakrabarty Cataract Surgery in Eyes with Posterior Segment Diseases
8 2018 Dr. Jagat Ram Achieving Excellence Combining Talent, Focus & Ophthalmology
9 2021 Dr Lingam Vijaya Top Ten Evidence Based Adoptions in Glaucoma Clinical Pratice

Dr. Ishwarchandra Award

Dr. Ishwarchandra known as the best teacher all over the country. He is a dedicated & extremely disciplined person. Being a Professor of Ophthalmology in Govt. Medical College, Nagpur for 27 years, he has been responsible for shaping career of many Ophthalmologists in India and abroad either by teaching them or as an examiner for M.B.B.S., D.O., and M.S. Examination. He is truly a father figure for all the members of Vidarbha Ophthalmic Society. All the members salute him and bow in front of him. Organising Committee of Silver Jubilee Annual VOS Convention under the president ship of Dr.Anand Pangarkar decided to start a special award known as “Silver Jubilee VOS Dr. Ishwarchandra Award.” Award is given every year during annual VOS convention as a token of respect to this towering personality. Following are the awardees.

List of Awardees:

Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2002 Dr. Patnaik Past, Present & Future of Retinal Detachment
2 2003 Dr. P.Vijayalaxmi Childhood Blindness & Low Vision
3 2004 Dr. M.Srinivasan Corneal Blindness Indian Perspective
4 2005 Dr. Mahipal Sachdeo Recent Advances in Phacoemulsification
5 2006 Dr. Pradeep Sharma Nystagmus Simplified
6 2007 Dr. Shridhar Rao Medical Treatment of Glaucoma
7 2008 Dr. H.S. Dua Journey ThroughMillenniumnFrom Couching Era To Multifocals
8 2009 Dr. H.K.Tewari CSR
9 2010 Dr. D. Bhattacharya Disha Experience
10 2011 Dr. RamaMurty Refractive cataract surgery
11 2012 Dr. T.P. Lahane Advances In PhacoTechnology ForVarious Grades Of Nuclear Sclerosis
12 2013 Dr. Santosh Honavar Retinoblastoma- “They Live They See”
13 2014 Dr. B. Shanta Surgical management of complications of filtering surgeries
14 2015 Dr. Aashish Bansal Keratoconus management : step by step
15 2016 Dr. Haripriya Measuring outcomes following cataract surgery.
16 2017 Dr. Kasturi  Bhattacharjee Navigation Guided Optic Canal & Orbital Surgeries
17 2018 Dr. Partha Biswas Navigation Guided Optic Canal & Orbital Surgeries
18 2019 Dr. Rasik Vajpayee Less Is More – Journey Of Corneal  Transplantation
19 2020 Dr Soosan Jacob Treatment of advance Keratoconus
21 2021 Prof. Dr. Mohan Rajan Handling Phaco complications: : Be a master

Dr R N Gandhewar

Dr. R.N. Gandhewar did his MBBS,DO & Ms from GMC with Laurels. Did his fellowship FACS in 1984. He has taught under &postgraduate.  Has worked as a Lecturer, Reader & Professor at various Government Medical Colleges in the state for more than a decade. He was a post-graduate examiner in these years. In spite of his busy schedule he persued his training in advanced technique in the field of Retina, Neuro-Ophthalmology, IOL implantation, & the subspecialty close to his heart i.e. Paediatric Ophthalmology. He has experience of working overseas at Oman for 19th long years. Coming from a very small village Sawana in Yavatmal district, he had an urge to serve the poor & community at large & he did so by successfully conducting numerous, diagnostic & surgical eye-camps &delivering talks on eye & health related issues on AIR
His lifelong work was present in numerous papers in Indian & International Journals. His professional excellence is carried forward by his son and daughter who with their spouses are pursuing ophthalmology overseas. VOS acknowledges his invaluable contribution, by instituting “Dr. R. N. Gandhewar Award” to be given annually to ophthalmic surgeons who have excelled in   their field of expertise. Following are the awardees.

List of Awardees:

1 2010 Dr. Abhay Vasavda Paediatric Cataract
2 2011 Dr. Ronnie George Paediatric Glaucoma
3 2012 Dr. S. Haldipurkar Fine Timing Cataract Surgery Result
4 2013 Dr. Pramod Bhende Paediatric Retinal Detachment
5 2014 Dr. Karobi Laheri ROP screening guidelines and recent management
6 2015 Dr. Milind Naik Management of congenital ptosis
7 2016 Dr. Meenakshi Swaminathan Small steps and giant leaps: advancements in peadiatric ophthalmology and strabismus
8 2017 Dr. Sujata Guha The Journey Of Paediatric Cataract Surgery
9 2018 Dr. Subhadra Jalali Newborn Eye Health And Rop: Lessons Of A 20 Years’ Journey
10 2019 Dr. Rohit Shetty Joy Of Believing
11 2021 Prof. Dr. Mangat Dogra My journey with retinopathy of primaturity

Late Dr. Neelima Pawade

Dr. Neelima Pawade, a coveted member of our organization met an untimely death on 5th November 2006. Dr. NeelimaPawde did her MBBS & MS in Ophthalmology from GMC Nagpur. She then quenched her thirst for learning by doing her FRCS (Edinburgh) from UK in the first attempt. On coming back to India she joined Lata Mangeshkar Hospital and NKPSIMS Medical College. She was instrumental in starting the eye department there. In short time due to her talent and dedication, she developed the eye department to such heights that it was considered as a referral center for complex eye problems by colleagues.
She was a gifted surgeon, an excellent academician and teacher par excellence. She is blessed with two sons are now pursuing their careers in animation and computer engineering. With generous donation from her husband Dr. Milind Pawade, a radiologist of repute, VOS has started “Late Dr. Neelima Pawade Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2008. This award is given to an eminent person in the field of ophthalmology. Following are the awardees:

List of Awardees:

Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2008 Dr. Babu Rajendran Back to Surface Ablation
2 2009 Dr. Jeevan Titiyal Lamellar Corneal Surgeries
3 2010 Dr. Keiki Mehta Frontiers in Refractive Surgeries
4 2011 Dr. Vimala Menon Approach to a Patient with Swollen Discs
5 2012 Dr. Anil Kulkarni Group Practice
6 2013 Dr. H.S. Dua Lamellar Corneal Surgery reveals a new lamella “Dua Layer”
7 2014 Dr. Rajeev  Choudhari Presbyopia correcting IOLS
8 2015 Dr.  Rajesh Sinha Component corneal surgery
9 2016 Dr. Vishali Gupta My Travelogue with intra ocular tuberculosis
10 2017 Dr . Lalit Verma Vitreo  Retinal  Inter face Disorder
11 2018 Dr. Ragini Parekh Going Rural – My Experience
12 2019 Dr. Tanuj Dada Glaucoma : Looking Beyond IOP
13 2020 Dr Samar Basak Boston Keratoprosthesis Beyond IOP
14 2021 Prof Dr Namrata Sharma “Microbial Keratitis – Beating the Bug”
Instituted in 2013 from the savings of Drishticon 2010 VOS Conference. The award is given to young Ophthalmologist less than 40 years doing exceptional work in the field of ophthalmology.
Sr.No Year Awardees Topic
1 2013 Dr. Soumya Dulani Psudotumor cerebri in rural India
2 2015 Dr. Sabyasachi Sengupta Imaging of retina: Newer modalities
3 2018 Dr. Shrinivas Joshi Two Faces Of ILM – The Culprit & Unsung Hero 
4 2019 Dr. Rupesh  Agrawal Choroidal Vascularity Index
5 2019 Dr. Jay Chhablani Central serous chorioretinopathy- Newer Classification
6 2021 Dr. Ashish Sharma Carving your own path – lession learnt from my journey of academia and innovations